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Revise and resubmit:

RR4. Multidimensional issue preferences of the European Lavender vote.

RR3. Cross-pressures and the European lavender vote: testing the conditionality of the sexuality gap.

RR2. Voting for VOX in the 2019 Spanish general selection (with José Rama and Andrés Santana).

RR1. Coming out to defend the union. Political party responsiveness to the Alternative für Deutschland’s eurosceptisim.

Under review:

R5. Who wins the UK lavender vote? (Mostly) Labour. – submitted April 2020

R4. Economic Interventions, Economic Perceptions and Political Support During the Eurozone Crisis (with Daniel Devine). – submitted April 2020

R3. Mobilising voters to lobby their MPs on Brexit. Field experiment evidence from the UK. (with Joshua Townsley, Florian Foos and Denise Baron) – submitted Feb 2020 [pre-reg]

R2. Polarised and mobilised: EU determinants of voter participation in the 2019 European Parliament election (with Cal Le Gall and  Joshua Townsley)   submitted Feb 2020

R1. Voting like their rights depended on it. Sexuality and turnout in Western Europe. (with Joshua Townsley)   submitted Dec 2019

Under contract:

VOX: The Rise of the Spanish Radical Right (with José Rama, Lisa Zanoletti, and Andrés Santana) – under contract with Routledge

Replication materials: Harvard Dataverse