I am a PhD candidate in Political Economy at King’s College London (KCL).┬áMy research interests fall within the boundaries of┬ácomparative politics and European political economy. Within the School of Politics and Economies, I am part of the Quantitative Political Economy and the Regulation and Public Policy research clusters.

I utilise quantitative as well as qualitative methodological approaches in my research incorporating experimental research designs including both field and survey experiments.

In addition to my own research I also provide teaching instruction to students at the undergraduate and postgraduate level including courses on European politics, globalisation, research methods in social science as well as quantitative methods.

My thesis explores the role of multilevel governance and membership of the European Union on political party competition within both domestic and supranational level elections. I’m principally interested in the impact of the EMU’s economic policy responses following the financial crisis as an agent for the europeanisation of electoral politics. This project has been funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council.

I’m also an aspiring Polyglot: whilst completing my PhD I have also been completing a number of courses part-time leading towards a degree in German.

Email: stuart.turnbull_dugarte@kcl.ac.uk